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Minded Security research develops innovative software security products for the IT and Financial industry.



Minded Security delivers awareness for the IT and Information Security managers and a wide range of services from Application Testing, to Mobile Security assessment and Malware Analysis.

Minded Security: Security in the Software Development Lifecycle

Minded Security is the Software Security Company supporting you to build, deliver and use more secure software. Minded Security helps businesses and organizations to build secure products and services.

Latest Twitter Messages From @mindedsecurity

RT @KatyAnton: New 'agentless' security tool from @mindedsecurity -based on assessing interaction rather than monitoring the PC…

February 15, 2015

RT @TeqnewsOnline: One in Twenty Banking Customer Devices is Infected with #malware According to @mindedsecurity -

February 13, 2015

RT @WisecWisec: [Paper] Comparing DOM based XSS Identification Tools on a Real World Vulnerability: #DOMXSS #tools

February 5, 2015

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Comparing DOM based XSS Identification Tools on a Real World Vulnerability Due to the lack of literature about DOM Based XSS identification tools awareness…

February 4th 2015

Public release of the OWASP TESTING GUIDE v4 17th September, 2014: OWASP is announcing the new OWASP Testing Guide v4.  …

September 17th 2014 fixes a High Risk Vulnerability inside its Javascript Code security team released a patch after receiving our DOMinatorPro Ent…

August 4th 2014