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Minded Security research develops innovative software security products for the IT and Financial industry.



Minded Security delivers awareness for the IT and Information Security managers and a wide range of services from Application Testing, to Mobile Security assessment and Malware Analysis.

Minded Security: Security in the Software Development Lifecycle

Minded Security is the Software Security Company supporting you to build, deliver and use more secure software. Minded Security helps businesses and organizations to build secure products and services.

Latest Twitter Messages From @mindedsecurity

RT @SourceDNA: @NBCNews reports on the impact of the recent AFNetworking SSL flaw. Check your apps!…

April 21, 2015

RT @arstechnica: 1,500 iOS apps have HTTPS-crippling bug. Is one of them on your device? by @dangoodin001

April 21, 2015

Domani @n0def Giorgio Fedon al festival del giornalismo #ifj15

April 19, 2015

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Beyond Superfish: a Journey on SSL MitM in the Wild Recently Lenovo hit the news because they got caught installing adware on their …

April 9th 2015

Exploiting CVE-2011-2461 on As a follow up of our Troopers 2015 presentation about CVE-2011-2461 we wan…

March 30th 2015

SSL MiTM attack in AFNetworking 2.5.1 - Do NOT use it in production! During a recent mobile application security analysis for one of our clients, we …

March 26th 2015