June, 04-05 Rome: Minded Security sponsor dell'evento Banche e Sicurezza 2015

Minded Security è Golden Partner dell'evento Banche e Sicurezza 2015 dell'ABI.

June, 04-05 Rome: Banche e Sicurezza 2015

Minded Security parteciperà alla XII edizione dell'evento dell'Associazione Bancaria Italiana dedicato alla sicurezza nel settore finanziario.

June, 02-04 - London Minded Security UK Booth at InfoSecurity Europe 2015

Minded Security UK is present at the InfoSecurity Europe 2015 conference and exhibition.

June, 2nd - London, Minded Security Innovative Technologies for Software Security – Solutions for Banking Malware and JavaScript Vulnerability Detection

Marco Morana, Managing director of Minded Security UK, will show how AMT technology is able to detect all types of malware banking and will talk about DOMinatorPro. During this presentation we will show case these two products and show videos with the details on how these products operate to detect and prevent web injection fraud as well as DOM XSS vulnerabilities.

June, 2nd - UK Cyber Innovation Zone

Minded Security UK has been selected as one of top 11 Cyber Security innovation Start-ups in UK!

May, 21 - OWASP AppSec Europe 2015

Matteo Meucci, CEO of Mined Security, explains in a 10-minute lightning talks the Testing Guide version 4, the de facto standard for performing web application penetration testing.

April, 27th - SC Magazine

SSL flaw puts thousands of iOS apps at risk

April, 24th - Seminario sulla sicurezza delle applicazioni web e sul banking malware detection

Matteo Meucci, CEO of Minded Security, talks about the OWASP Testing Guide v4 and presents banking malware detection case studies.

April, 22nd - App per iPhone e iPad a rischio

Programmi come Ask.Fm, Alibaba o alcuni Disney, per un totale di 1500 applicazioni dello store Apple hanno una falla che può permettere il furto di dati sensibili.

April, 21st - Mail Online

Are YOU at risk? Bug found in apps including Uber and Microsoft's OneDrive is leaving MILLIONS of users vulnerable to hackers.

April, 20th - arstechnica

1,500 iOS apps have HTTPS-crippling bug. Is one of them on your device? Apps downloaded two million times are vulnerable to trivial man-in-the-middle attacks.

March, 27th - Threatpost

iOS, OS X library AFNetworking patches MiTM vulnerability.

March, 25th - PCWorld

Flash-based vulnerability lingers on many websites three years later. A large number of developers have failed to patch their Flash applications against a vulnerability that can be exploited to target Web users.

March, 24th - The Register

Adobe Flash fix FAIL exposes world's most popular sites.

March, 24th - Computerworld

Flash-based vulnerability lingers on many websites three years later.

March, 23rd - Threatpost

A four year old Adobe Flash patch did not properly resolve a vulnerable Flex application, and attackers can exploit the bug, which is said to affect some 30 percent of Alexa’s top 10 most popular sites in the world.

March, 17th - PHP Object Injection Demystified

Egidio Romano, Security Consultant at Minded Security, talks about the Object Injection vulnerability for PHP at the Security Summit in Milan during the OWASP Italy Chapter day.

March, 17th - The New OWASP Testing Guide v4

Matteo Meucci, CEO of Minded Security, presents the new version of the OWASP Testing Guide.

February, 17th - SC Magazine

A huge spam campaign has been installing the Dyreza banking Trojan on tens of thousands of UK computers, specifically targeting those with accounts at major banks.

February, 17th - CSO Australia

Minded Security launches 'agentless' bank security tool in UK

February, 17th - Channel World

Morana and Meucci interview - John E Dunn

February, 17th - Retail Fraud

Malware infects one in twenty banking customer devices

February, 16th - ITSecurity UK

"Trusteer vs. Minded Security in fighting financial fraud" - Kevin Towsend

February, 15th - Business Computing World

1 in 20 banking customers devices is infected by malware according to Minded Security

February, 13th - Information Security buzz

1 in 20 Banking Customer Devices Is Infected With Malware, According to Minded Security

February, 13th - TechWorld

Minded Security launches 'agentless' bank security tool in UK

February, 13th - SC Magazine

"European banks getting targeted by malware" - Doug Drinkwater

February, 13th - ITProPortal

Minded Security launches AMT Banking Malware Detector in UK

February, 13th - Compliance Week

Minded Security Launches Tool to Counter Hidden Banking Malware

January, 28th - Cyber Startup Summit

Marco Morana talked about Cyber Security Threats.

January, 16th - Bank Info Security

Banking Malware Poses New Threats Early Detection Is Critical for Fraud Prevention

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