Matteo Meucci - OWASP for Developers

The talk will introduce OWASP The Open Web Application Security Project, the tools and the methodologies for the Developers to help improving software security. The talk would like to discuss about: - What is the secure software? - Who is in charge of software security? - What is a structured approach to software security? - How can a Company uses OWASP Guidelines and tools for secure development?

Infosecurity Europe 2015 - Interview with Marco M. Morana

Interview with Marco M. Morana from the first day at Infosecurity Europe 2015, at Kensington Olympia.

Luca Carettoni, Mauro Gentile - The old is new, again. CVE20112461 is back

On March 19th at Troopers 2015, Mauro Gentile and Luca Carettoni presented an in-depth study on a very fascinating bug affecting old versions of Adobe Flex SDK.