AMT - Banking Malware Detector

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The AMT (Agentless anti-Malware Technology) is a new proprietary Minded Security technology for detection and management of malware software.

AMT has been developed after years of study for detecting and managing in real time advanced banking malware for our customers online users. The core engine is a JavaScript Analyzer written by renowned JavaScript experts specialized in advanced JavaScript security research.

Various innovative analysis technique have been used in AMT such as Trusted JavaScript Modeling combined with optimized WebInject differential analysis.

The product: AMT Banking Malware Detector

The AMT Banking Malware Detector is a sophisticated security platform for detecting and managing advanced malware on your online banking customers in real time.

AMT Banking Malware Detector instantly recognizes all new malwares that have been installed on users' computer interacting with your Internet Banking Web Site.

The technology is able to detect all types of banking malwares, with a focus on targeted malware specifically designed to attack a particular bank.

What are the benefits?

Key Features:

  • Agentless: does not install anything on user’s computer.
  • Transparent: does not alter the user experience.
  • Proactive detection: detects malware not known yet.
  • Easy Setup: installation and tuning in just a few days.
  • Available in both modes cloud and appliance.


  • No degradation in the performance of the bank infrastructure: no need to install new infrastructure components.
  • Light Deployment: for portals with millions of users does not require significant additional infrastructure.

Fraud Risk Management

  • The technology reduces risk of infected users preventing frauds.
  • Can be easily managed by the bank's internal anti-fraud team through the innovative HTML5 interface.

Easy Management

  • The product is easy to install with a single JavaScript source for multiple sites. No need to install new infrastructure components (no impact on Business Continuity).
  • Easy to manage with AMT control panel and AMT daily reports.


  • It is designed to integrate with any anti-fraud systems with the ability to customize the modular components such as GUI, API, and specific components.
  • Ability to create ad hoc components for malware detection.

Why choosing AMT?

The key point of the AMT Banking Malware Detector is the new proactive approach.

AMT creates a model of Custom Signature Engine (CSE) for each online banking service.

The CSE permits to perform a continuous comparison with the mutations and to identify in real time a new threat.

AMT Banking Malware Detector allows to identify malware victims before they will be defrauded.

To receive more information about the AMT Banking Malware Detector product, you can contact us at this page.