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DOMinatorPro Enterprise Live Demo @ New York

DOMinatorPro Enterprise Live Demo



Minded Security, the Software Security Company will present his latest technology: DOMinatorPro Enterprise.

The event is free, but registration is required. If you want to attend, please register at eventbrite.


Download the Brochure of the Event Here


DOMinatorPro is an innovative technology for securing the next generation of web applications. Its purpose is to identify a new class of vulnerability that resides on the code that runs on the browser of users who interact with the web application .

To date, the Website Scanners identified a number of vulnerabilities ( SQL injection , XSS , etc. ..) that are present on the Web applications but neglect the vulnerabilities of the code that the server sends to the client and that will be executed on the user's browser.

The meeting aims to show the new technology developed by Minded Security and how this tool can complete the strategy for the assessment of the web applications.


Stefano Di Paola, CTO @ Minded Security will talk about the following issues.

1 ) Introduction to JavaScript security

- What are the common code vulnerabilities in JavaScript

- How these kinds of vulnerabilities impact the OWASP Top10 and PCI -DSS standard.


2 ) DOMinatorPro Enterprise

- What is DOMinatorPro

- How you can complete the assessment strategy of the Secure SDLC

- What technologies are implemented: Dynamic tainting analysis and Automatic Check Exploitability

- Live DEMO of the product


3 ) Questions and Answers 

More Information:

You can find all the information about the event here (RSVP):

More information about the technology:
DOMinatorPro Web Site
DOMinatorPro Enterprise brochure

The event is free, but registration is required. If you want to attend, please register at eventbrite.