Since 2007, Minded Security started implementing S-SDLC ( Secure Software Development Life Cycle) for the customers using Microsoft SDL and the OWASP SAMM models.

The new Minded Security Software Security 5D framework is derived from many years of experience performig software security assessment to many Companies and from the experience from the OWASP Community and in particular OWASP SAMM Community.

Traditional Secure SDLC frameworks lack of:
  • level of awareness for all the people involved in the process
  • description of the application security roles involved
  • set of security standards
  • security testing tools adopted

Minded Security has developed a new and more practical framework that focus on 5 dimensions to evaluate the maturity of a SDLC that are the following:
  • SwSec TEAM

In September 2018 Minded Security donated the Software Security 5D framework to OWASP ( now OWASP Software Security 5D framework). The official page of the OWASP project can be found here.

Use the following SwSec 5D Survey to evaluate your maturity level.

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