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Minded Security delivers awareness for the IT and Information Security managers because we believe that knowledge is essential to start or maintain an efficient application security program.
The aim of this section is to provide to our customers awareness about the world of application security and about the Minded Security approach to meet their security concerns.

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Client Side Security Assessment

Take advantage of the best way to scan and analyze complex enterprise portals with rich JavaScript content, without the need of buying a license.

Manual Secure Code Review for critical applications

Probably the single-most effective technique for identifying security flaws in your code.

Mobile Security Assessment

Verify the security of your Mobile Applications with a Mobile Security Assessment.

Advanced training on how to fix vulnerabilities in your code

What about training your developers to fix the vulnerabilities in your own code?

Secure Coding Guidelines

Introduce security in your software development life cycle and improve the quality of your code.

High level training on Software Security

Learn how to identify various risk factors of cyber-threats by following a structured process.

Advanced Penetration Testing with fixing support

Get a security assessment on your applications with an advanced support to fix the vulnerabilities fund during the test.

Web Fraud Detection Technology

Try our sophisticated security platform for detecting and managing advanced threats that target the customer base of internet banking portals.

JavaScript Security Training

Learn the methodology for developing JavaScript code safely, avoiding the introduction of security issues in the source code.

Software Assurance Maturity Assessment

Evaluate the current state of the maturity of your organization in conducting software security activities.

     JavaScript Security cutting edge technology.